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in progress ‘Relational Sound – attempting an inventory.
Tendencies in Sound Art since the turn of the millennium.’
in Sound Arts between Electroacoustic Music and Media Art, ed. Michael Harenberg,
transcript Publ., Summer 2023
Edition of Sound Art Brighton Festival Catalogue | Edition 1, March 2022.
November Book, London, 2022, 77 pp.
‘… the sound around us’ in Sound Art Brighton Festival Catalogue, ed. K.Glandien,
November Book, London, 2022, pp. 10-11.
‘Interaction in SoundArt’. Essay (publication pending).
‘Nexus’, Exhibition text. Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, 10 Sept-12 Nov.

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‘Douglas Henderson: Summer of Love’. Exhibition text. Galerie Mario Mazzoli,
Berlin, 24 Oct-5 Dec.

‘… too wide a field. SoundArt in Berlin’, Seismograf/DMT. Contemporary art music magazine Denmark. 5 May 2015.
Relational Sound: On the Aesthetics of SoundArt (book project in progress)
‘Kunst i og uden for æteren’, Seismograf/DMT. Contemporary art music magazine Denmark.
‘Sound Art/Installation. Analysis: Douglas Henderson – Fadensonnen (Sound Sculpture, 2009)’, in Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysis, S. Emmerson & L. Landy (eds), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. (publication in progress)
‘Cassiber Recalled’, in Cassiber 1982-1992. CD-box set & book, ReR Megacorp, London

‘…sound’s dream of us. The SoundArt of Douglas Henderson’, in Douglas Henderson – Poets and Superheroes, Catalogue for Douglas Henderson SoundArt Solo-Exhibition, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, March-April 2012. uk_flag german_flag

2013 | 2008
‘… the farthest extension of life as theatre: on the work of Arndt von Diepenbroick’, Licht, Luft, Leben: die phantastische Papierwelt des Arndt von Diepenbroick. Meininger Museen, Meiningen.
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2004 | 2000
En Route – A monographic Study of the Œuvre of Heiner Goebbels. [online]
Available from:
See for Alfred 23 Harth’s recollection of his collaboration with Heiner Goebbels
’Die Musiktheaterkonzeption Heiner Goebbels‘ – Schwarz auf Weiss und Surrogate Cities’, in Handbuch Experimentelles Musik- und Tanztheater, Vol.7., F. Reininghaus & K. Schneider (eds.), Laaber, Laaber.

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