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I continue my academic work freelance >> see Presentations & Publications

2003 – 2023
I ended my Senior Lecturer position at the the University of Brighton, joining hundreds of my fellow academics in a collective exodus, after 20 years in the Digital Music & Sound Art programme, where I had established Britain’s first SoundArt course, as well as lecturing and supervising BA, MA and PhD students. I retain an Honorary Fellowship. 21 Sept.
Co-founded the Digital Music & Sound Art course at the University of Brighton (the first
SoundArt course in Britain). Lectures and supervises BA, MA and PhD students.

This film presents a selection of SoundArt works created by the BA students at the
Digital Music & Sound Arts course of the University of Brighton 2003 – 2019.

Nexus Art: SOUND. (curation & organisation)
a one-day conference/event with artists and academics, sounding out the possibilities of hybrid art education and celebrating the omnipresence of sound in contemporary arts. In collaboration with Sound Art Brighton, Creative Sound and Music, Brighton CCA, The Rose Hill.
At School of Art & Media, Brighton Grand Parade, 15 June.
On April 4 all university research funding was retrospectively withdrawn and the event had to be cancelled.

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On April 4th the Nexus team was informed that money for all university
research projects – which had been confirmed just 3 month before – had been
retrospectively withdrawn.
At this stage the curation and organisation of the nexus event was near completion: the programme was fixed, logistics and technological issues were resolved and the invited national and international academics and artist had submitted their abstracts, booked their travel and were working on their talks, performances and exhibits. The university, it seems, had racked up enormous debts due primarily to bad planning, mismanagement and embezzlement.
Cutting research funds was just the first step. ‘To save more money’ the university announced plans to scrap one quarter of the academic posts.
The union is fighting back with little success.
I assumed a Senior Lecturer position at the then Faculty of Arts & Architecture, University of Brighton, to build up a sound Batchelor and Master Degree programme with focus on Sound Art (the first one in the UK) and Sound for the Moving Image > Digital Music & Sound Arts

‘Nexus Art: SOUND – a conference-event proposal (Summer 2023)’
Talk at the Creative Sound & Music REG Discussion and Workshop University of Brighton Research Knowledge & Exchange Week, 14 Nov 2022.
Launch of the Digital Music & Sound Arts Master Degree, University of Brighton. Sept 2019.
SOUND EXCHANGE (curation & organisation)
A annual cross-disciplinary symposium at which academics working with sound/music from various art disciplines in the Faculty of Art and Architecture of the University of Brighton would present and discuss their work.
SOUND TALKS (curation & organisation)
A series of talks by prominent national and international Sound Art artists, composers and sound practitioners, including Kristina Andersen (STEIM), Knut Aufermann, Baconhead (Paul Bowyer & Ben Hudson), Isobell Clouter, Peter Cusack, Chris Cutler, Marc Derveaux, Max Eastley, Lutz Glandien, Heiner Goebbels, Stuart Jones, Brandon LaBelle, Ray Lee, Bernhard Leitner, Liminal (David Prior), Mats Lindström, Christian Marclay, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt), Jon Rose, Larry Sider, John Wynne, Adinda van’t Klooster and Sarah Washington.
1993 – 2019
Adjunct Associate Professor at Richmond – The American International University in London: Postmodernism, Contemporary Visual Culture, Experimental Music and Media Art.
Research Fellow, Institute of Aesthetics and Art Theories, Academy of Science, Berlin.
PhD in Aesthetics, Technical University Dresden, Germany, 1985.
PhD Thesis: ‘The Interdependence of Aesthetic Relationships and Human Activity. A Philosophic-methodological Study of the Understanding of Aesthetics from a Historic-materialistic Perspective’.
Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy and Cultural Theory, Technical University Dresden, Germany.
MA graduated with summa cum laude.
MA Dissertation: ‘Aesthetic Thinking of Bertolt Brecht, Drawn from his Dramatic Oeuvre’.
Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in Aesthetics, Philosophy and Art History, University St. Petersburg, Russia.
Relational Sound: On the Aesthetics of SoundArt.
Contemporary Visual Culture
Art & New Media
Sound Art Discourse.
Radio Art
Aesthetic Culture: Media theoretical Reflections on the Aesthetic Dimensions of Contemporary Culture.
Technology Effects in New Music.
Berlin’s Architecture in Change: Search for a New Identity.
The Concepts of Modernism and Post-Modernism in Philosophy, Art and Culture’.
The Oxford Science Park.
Complexity in Postmodern Music.
The Concept of Aesthetic Culture from the End of the Last Century to the 1980’s.
On Rock Avant-garde in West European Countries in the 1970’s and 80’s.
Song Movement in East Germany.
The Philosophical Concept of Appropriation in Aesthetics and Literary Theory.

‘SoundArt as Hybrid Practice’, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece, 6 Nov 2018.

‘Interaction with Sound’, Westminster Kingsway College, London, 19 Oct 2018.

Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland (Spring Semester 2015).

Linköping University, Sweden (2010).

London College of Printing/ London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
(2010, 2003, 2001, 2000).

Goldsmiths College, University of London (2005, 2001, 1996).

University of Glasgow (2002).

Academy of Media, Cologne (2002).

Royal College of Art, London (2002, 2001, 1992-1995).

University of Brighton (2001).

Middlesex University (2000).

University of Leeds (1998).

Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany (1998).

Kant Academy, Berlin (1994).

Victoria & Albert Museum, London (1993)

Sound Art Course Evaluation, Bern University of the Arts [HKB], Switzerland Bern, 4 | 5 Nov.
Mentoring Argentinian SoundArt artist Iliana Diaz Lopez, as part of the Landing Project
organised by Cascabel London, June.
External Examination, PhD thesis Christopher Williams, ‘Writing with Sound: Creative Praxis in
Radiophonic Art’. University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Dec ’17- Jan ‘18.
External Assessor for DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service], Berlin, Apr.
External Examiner for PhD thesis by Mike Blow, Theremino device.
Oxford Brooks.
External Examination, PhD thesis by Angie Atmadjaja, Music Department, University of York, Sept.
External Examination, PhD thesis by Robin McGinley, ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier:
Explorations in Experimental Sound Art, Soundscape Research and Interactive Systems’,
De Montfort University.
Supervision, MPhil thesis by Richard Wolfson, ‘Live Film Music Event’, Royal College of
Art, London.
External Examiner, PhD thesis by Renate Dohmen, ‘Writing Perceptions: Surfacing
beyond the Pale. Art, Decoration and the ‘Other’’, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.