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‘The 4th Dimension: Sound Art’s Relation to Architecture’
Talk at the annual conference of the AG Auditive Media Cultures of the Society for Media Studies on the Topic ‘Sonic Architectures’. Bern University of Arts, 7.– 9. September 2023, 8 Sept. Publication in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik in 2024.
Institut Interpretation article
Auditive Medienkulturen

‘Relational Sound – attempting an inventory’ (Tendencies in Sound Art since the turn of the millennium), Talk at the International Symposium: Sound Arts between electroacoustic music and media art, Bern University of Arts, 15.–17. September 2022. 16. Sept. (publication in progress)

Nexus Art: SOUND – a conference-event proposal (Summer 2023)’
at the Creative Sound & Music REG Discussion and Workshop University of Brighton
Research Knowledge & Exchange Week, 14 Nov.
‘Building with Sound – Sound Architecture in Open Space’, Online-Talk at The Space in Sound, The Lighthouse, Brighton. 18 Sept.

‘The Confluence of Sound and Art’, Talk at Studio 4431, St Petersburg, Russia, 28 June.
‘In Focus’, Exhibition Talk, Nottingham, 4 Oct.
‘SoundArt as Hybrid Practice’, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece, 6 Nov.
‘Interaction with Sound’, Westminster Kingsway College, London, 19 Oct.
‘NonSense – Revolt of the Mind’, Talk at Non Plus Ultra: Spawn of Dada 100 Years on, Café OTO, London, 5 Feb.
‘Close Encounters: Perceptions of SoundArt”, Talk at The Courtauld Institute of Art,
London, 14 June.
‘Ausgedehnt & Eingebettet: Raumerleben in der Klangkunst’ (Extended & Embedded: Spatial Experience in SoundArt), Key Note, International SoundArt Symposium: Space Through Sound, Bern, Switzerland, 26-28 Mar.
‘SoundArt Berlin’, Paper at Fort Process. Music & SoundArt Festival, Newhaven, 13 Sept.
‘Sombre As Formas Da Arte Sonora’. Talk at 1st Biennale George Lima Baretto,
Vinhais, Portugal. 5. July.
‘… too wide a field. SoundArt in Berlin’, Paper at the symposium Modernisme,
politik og det steds-specifikke, Klang – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival, 3 June.
‘Wireless – The Spaces of RadioArt’. Keynote Paper, Radio Art Seminar, LAKE Nordic Sound Art Festival, Copenhagen, 26-29 Sept.
‘Dynamic Spaces – Reflections on the space|sound works of Sabine Schäfer in the area of tension between SoundArt and Music’ and ‘Radio Spaces – Reflections on radiophonic works of Sabine Schäfer in the area of tension between virtual and real space’, two papers at the Topophonies Event – 20 years of Space|Sound|Art by Sabine Schäfer; ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, 27 Oct.
‘Meet me in Saint Louis (experiencing Goebbels)’. Keynote Paper, Symposium: Heiner Goebbels: ‘Music as Theatre, Theatre as Music’, Frontiers+ Goebbels Festival, Birmingham, 22 Mar.
‘Over to you! Performing SoundArt’. Keynote Paper, Performativity Symposium on occasion of Peter Vogel Solo-Exhibition, University of Brighton, 14 Oct.
‘Art On & Off Air: Radio’s Affinity with Sound Art & Future Prospects’. Paper, RadioArt Seminar: Radio: Past, Present and Future. Audiorama & EMS Stockholm. 8 Oct.
‘Radio as Dramatic Stage and Performance Instrument’, Cut & Splice: Transmission, festival launch event, panel discussion, organised by Sound and Music, London, broadcast on BBC3 Hear and Now, 3 Nov.
‘Art as Experience’. From book project: ‘Relational Sound: On the Aesthetics of SoundArt’. Richmond – The American International University in London. Faculty Research Seminar. 10 Sept.
‘The Future of Radio Art in Public Radio’. Discussion paper for the plenary meeting of the Ars Acoustica group of the European Broadcasting Union, Hvar. 16-17 May.
‘Radio & SoundArt: Ties & Convolutions’. Keynote Paper, RadioArt Symposium: Reinventing The Dial: Explorations In Experimental Radio Practive. At Canterbury Christ Church University. 27 Oct.
‘Dukatenscheißer – The Work of Douglas Henderson’. Introductory speech at the opening of Douglas Henderson SoundArt Solo-Exhibition, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, 4 Sept. german_flag
‘Noise in Sound Art’. Keynote Paper, Noise Symposium, De Montfort University, Leicester. 29 Oct.
‘Different Ways: the Aesthetics of Heiner Goebbels’, The School of Sound Symposium, London. 31 Mar.
‘Sound Discourse: Sound & Space’, Universidad National Autónoma de México in Mexico City, Oct.‘
Sound in Context: The Sonic Aspect of Sound Art’, International Vernacular Congress of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico, Oct.
‘Mapping – The Discourse of SoundArt’, SoundArt Symposium, Saarbrücken, Germany, 23 Nov. german_flag
‘Sound Art Discourse in England’. Plenary Meeting of the Ars Acoustica group of the European Broadcasting Union, at the BBC, London, 13 Dec.
‘SoundArt in Context’, The School of Sound Symposium, Glasgow, 7 Apr.
‘AudioArt as RadioArt – Legacy of an Old Medium’, RadioArt Symposium, Goethe-Institut, London, 31 Oct.
‘Aesthetics in the German Democratic Republic’, Annual Conference of the British Society of Aesthetics, London, Sept.
‘The Concept of Aesthetic Culture in German Socio-Aesthetics at the End of the Nineteenth and First Third of the Twentieth Centuries, and its Understanding Today’, Conference of Aesthetics in East European Countries, Academy of Science of the USSR, Moscow. Spring.
‘The Socio-Psychology of A.N.Leont’ev and its Relevance for the Analysis of Musical Practice’, Leont’ev Colloquium, Institute of Aesthetic and Art Theories, Berlin.
‘The Socio-Historical School of Soviet Psychology and the Socio-psychological Problems of Aesthetics – between 1920 and the Present Day’, Academy of Science, Berlin.
‘On Analysis in Aesthetics and Art Theory’, Institute of Aesthetics and Art Theories, Berlin.