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Kersten Glandien is an author, scholar and curator specializing in the fields of Sound Arts, Aesthetics and Experimental Music. She has published extensively in these disciplines, curated sound art events and experimental concerts, produced radio programmes and translated academic texts.

Born in Germany, she studied philosophy, aesthetics and art theory in St. Petersburg (Russia), then worked as a lecturer and researcher both at the University of Dresden and the Institute for Aesthetics and Art Theory of the Academy of Science, East Berlin. Since 1989 she has lived in England, working as a freelance writer and curator, lecturing on aesthetic and visual culture at Richmond University, London and, since 2003, on SoundArt Theory at the University of Brighton.

Publications and presentations include studies on sound art and performativity, sound architecture, sound in space, sound art analysis, radio art, experimental music and monographs on individual composers and sound art artists.

Glandien curated, inter alia, the Sound Art Brighton Festival 2022; Space Through Sound – an international symposium at the HKB Bern, Switzerland (2015); Poetry as Art Sound – a sound art exhibition for the Academy of Arts Berlin (2013); Radio Art in Britain & Germany – two series of acousmatic concerts at the Goethe-Institut London (1997 and 1998); Zwischenspiel – a concert series of Anglo-German collaborations at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London (1997) and Music & Politics, an experimental music series at the Berlin Ensemble (1982-88).

Since 2017 Glandien has been the artistic director of the independent artist collective Sound Art Brighton.

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