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<SA/JO> (Sabine Schäfer/Joachim Krebs): SprachMilieu III

From: ProsaPhon(ie) – a sonotopological SoundSpeechConsistencyMachine, 2002

For a walk-in, eightfold SpaceSoundBody
with the text line by Konrad Bayer (1962)

Duration: 14:45 (Loop)
Voices: Rufus Beck, Peter Fitz
Location: Club Space Foyer

The word-entangled piece of prose entitled is solely derived from speech-sound material. … This approach – explicitly referred to by Bayer as “Topology of Speech” – is based upon the principle of sameness regarding the purely tonal aspect of individual words or word-syllables and their concurrent ambiguity on semantic levels. … It was our imperative to intensify the multidimensionality of the semantic texture levels – while simultaneously and consistently preserving the ongoing-unidimensional arranged phonetic textual lines – in their multi-linear ambiguity, in order for them to be revealed to the recipient as a constantly new experience of variable perceptual processes open to highly diverse possibilities of interpretation. … Faithful to our “sonotopological” motto “Every word its place – Every sound its time” we assign great importance to the artificial, spatial and temporal composition of ‘Speech-Sound-Lines’. By means of accelerated or decelerated, artistic rhythmically composed and spatially set ‘Speech-Sound-Movement’,individual ‘word-points’mutate into free-floating, vegetative rampant ‘Speech-Sound-Lines’ As a result, an ‘inter-plateau’ is created that permanently fluctuates between speech (semantics) and sound (phonetics) as an acoustic construction and representational matrix for the composition of an imaginary ‘SoundSpeechConsistencyMachine’

Excerpt from the artist’s work text. The complete text and further information are available at:


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