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New RadioArt in Britain & Germany

Acousmatic Concert Series
at the Goethe-Institut London 1998



Concert 1 – 30 Oct
William Furlong: Spoken for / Spoken About: 1. Llandudno + 2. Bregenz (1998)
Katharine Norman: Hard Cash (and small dreams of change) (1997)
Mathew Adkins: Melt. (1994)
Evelyn Ficarra: Frantic Mid-Atlantic (1995)
Xentos Jones: THE MISANTHROPE by MOLIERE (dissected) (1998)

Concert 2 – 31 Oct
Georg Katzer: Aide Memoire – Seven Nightmares from the thousand-year night (DDR Rundfunk*, 1983)
Heiner Müller/ Alex Hacke/ FM Einheit/ Wolfgang Rindfleisch Ajax zum Beispiel
(DLF*/ MDR* 1997)
Chantal Dumas: Le Parfum des Femmes III – Borders (SFB* 1997)
Patricia Jünger: Transmitter – First to Second Natur. Vom Flussbett zur Flutung / Form
Riverbed to Inundation (ANIGMA acoustic arts 1996)

Concert 3 – 6 Nov
Nicola Sani: Adagio Moss (SFB1998)
Roberto Paci Dalò/ Isabella Bordoni: OZ- Ein Radiostück (SFB 1996)
Lutz Glandien/ Chris Cutler/ Manfred Mixner: The Sign of Three or Another uphill Bicycle Race or Forget Baudrillard (SFB 1997)
Excerpt from RadioArt Gala of the Prize Europe 1997/98
Guest: Manfred Mixner, RadioArt producer at the SFB

Concert 4 – 7 Nov
Mario Verandi: Fréquences de Barcelone (1997)
Peter Cusack: London’s Soundscape (Resonance FM 1998)
Rose Dodd: Grenzen (1995)
John Wynne: The Sound of Sirens (1998)
Steve Moore: A Quiet Gathering (1988)

* DDR Rundfunk (GDR Radio, Berlin)
*DLF – Deutschlandfunk (Radio Germany, Berlin/ Cologne)
*MDR – Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Middle-German Radio, Leipzig/ Halle/
Dresden/ Magdeburg/ Erfurt)
*SFB – Sender Freies Berlin (Radio Free Berlin)

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