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Chris Cutler & Peter Wicke

Musik & Politik 1985-88 (Music & Politics)

Curator’s notes

Concert Programme

Avantgarde-Rock Events in East Berlin

1. Guernica, Klavierstück nach Pablo Picasso (1938) by Paul Dessau.

2. Guernica, Variations for Chamber Ensemble by Hans-Peter Jannoch, Jakob Ulmann, Frank Suske, Johannes Wallmann.Ensemble ‘Paul Dessau’ under the direction of Johannes Wallman with Andreas Schneider (violin), Claudia Vietz (violin), Martine Flade (viola), Klaus Spranger (violoncello), Joy Dutt (flute), Matthias Hillmann (bassoon), Harald Azeroth (horn), Fred Gutman (percussion), Karl-August Beese (percussion), Hans-Peter Jannoch (piano), Guest: Nabcy Bello (Soprano).

3. Aide-mèmoire – Sieben Alpträume aus der 1000-jährigen Nacht. (Seven nightmares from the 1000-year Night)Radio composition by Georg Katzer with an image projection by Dieter Tucholke.


4. Music For Films: The Song of the Shirt & The Gold Diggers. Soundtracks by LindsayCooper. Lindsay Cooper (bassoon, sopranino sax, piano), Vicky Aspinall (violin, piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice), Georgie Born (bass guitar, cello, guitar, piano), Phil Minton (voice, trumpet), Sally Potter (voice, piano), Chris Cutler (drums).


Concert moderation: Petra Schwarz.
Discussion chaired by Prof Günter Mayer.


1. Dagmar Krause sings Weill and Eisler with Jason Osborn (piano), Peader Long (saxophone).


2. Ballade vom zerbrochenen Klavier für einen sprechenden Pianisten (Ballad of the Broken Piano for a solo pianist/narrator) by Georg Katzer with Georg Katzer (tape, live-electronics), Gerhard Erber (piano), Eckehard Rödger (synthesizer).

3. Grubenklangorchester plays pieces from the cycle Bergmannsleben (Miners’ Life) and adaptations of Eisler’s ‘Mutter’-Musiken (Mother Musics) arranged by George Gräwe. Georg Gräwe (musical director), Horst Grabosch, Radu Malfatti, Johannes Bauer, Melvyn Poore, Harald Dau, Dietmar Diesner, Roberto Ottaviano, Klaus Koch, Joachim Krämer.

Concert moderation: Petra Schwarz.
Discussion chaired by Dr Gerd Belkius.


10 Anniversary of Music & Politics
1.Trauer und Feuer II (Sorrow and Fire II) for Chamber Ensemble by Hans-Jürgen Wenzel.
Ensemble ‘Konfrontation’ under the direction of Hans-Jürgen Wenzel.

2. Enne erdit hap (There is Still Hope) for Chamber Ensemble by Kåre Kohlberg.
Ensemble ‘Konfrontation’ under the direction of Hans-Jürgen Wenzel.

3. Maikäfer flieg (Maybug Fly) for Georg Katzer, radiophone composition by Lothar Voigtländer with a visual projection by Dieter Tucholke.

4. Kalahari Surfers play songs from Living in the Heart of the Beast and Sleep Armed. IMG KALAHARI SURFERS Warric Sony (South Africa) with English musicians Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler, Mick Hobbs.


Before the beginning of the concert and during the interval The Bolshevist Spa Orchestra (Bolschewistische Kurkapelle) under the direction of Rolf Fischer played in the theatre foyer of the Berlin Ensemble, where also an exhibition documented the 10 years of Music & Politics.

Concert moderation: Petra Schwarz.
Discussion chaired by Prof Günter Mayer.

1. Gutes Verhältnis zu Pferden. Neuerliche Näherung an Majakowski für 8 Instrumente (A Good Relation to Horses. A recent approach to Majakovsky for 8 Instruments) by Friedrich Schenker.
Gruppe Neue Musik “Hanns Eisler” with Christian Münch (conductor), Burkhard Glaetzner (oboe), Axel Schmidt (English horn), Friedrich Schenker (trombone), Matthias Schäfer (viola), Wolfgang Weber (violoncello), Dieter Zahn (Double bass) Gerhard Erber (piano), Gerd Schenker (percussion).

2. Der Schlaf, (The Sleep) Scenic chamber music for tape and five actors by Georg Katzer.
Directed by Alexander Stillmark with students of the ‘Ernst Busch’ College Berlin: Jörg Witte, Claudia Geisler, Marco Albrecht, Magne Brecke, Martin Olbertz.

3. Wyssozki-Music, composition for tape by Lutz Glandien toward a cinematic projection.

4. Cassiber plays songs from Beauty and the Beast and Perfect Worlds.
Christoph Anders, Chris Cutler, Heiner Goebbels.


Concert Moderation: Petra Schwarz.
Discussion chaired by Prof Günter Mayer.
Location: House of the Soviet Cultures.

In 1989 Lindsay Cooper & Sally Potter returned to the Political Song Festival with their project Oh Moscow.

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